Restore the spirit of Sofia Sveta Gora
Improvement of hiking and bicycle routes
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Restore the spirit of Sofia Sveta Gora

Sofia Sveta Gora pilgrimage and cultural tourism route is based on restoration of a pilgrimage route that links the spiritual sanctuaries around Sofia. The project, initiated by the Credo Bonum Foundation in partnership with Sofia Municipality, seeks to encourage, by creating the proper conditions for cultural tourism, the adoption of a more responsible attitude towards nature and the historical heritage. The foundation’s chief activities are focused on the improvement and the development of the alternative routes between the churches and monasteries in Sofia Sveta Gora—hiking and bicycle routes—known primarily to a handful of devoted pilgrims and aficionados of active recreation. Part of the steps for the popularisation of this route are putting up of signposts, path marking, publication of information materials and creation and maintenance of a web site.

The project’s pilot stage deals with the northern part of Sofia Sveta Gora and includes nine churches and 14 monasteries in the region between Buhovo and Katina. To become functioning cultural tourism centres, redeveloped routes should be built to connect these sites, as well as public spaces for recreation and various activities. The foundation finances its operations with its own resources and works closely with Sofia Municipality and all state and public institutions whose work is devoted to the development of the treasures in Sofia Sveta Gora.

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