New knowledge for Technological school "Electronic Systems"
50 technical books
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    2500 km

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    418 kg

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New knowledge for Technological school "Electronic Systems"

Technological school "Electronic Systems" was founded in 1988 as part of Technical University in Bulgaria. The idea behind was to create a school where students are taught computer science and information technology. 16 classes of young specialists have graduated there for the last 20 years. The majority of them are now leading professionals in the development of information and communication technologies in Bulgaria.

SofiaDev.NET is the first .NET user group in Bulgaria, which organizes free meetings about developments in modern technology. SofiaDev.NET user group was inspired by the enthusiasm and level of interest in new technologies among the students in the school and decided to donate the desired knowledge.

You can contribute to bulgarian education just by walking. SofiaDev.NET user group will donate 50 books to Technological school "Electronic systems" as soon as we walk 2500 kilometers together.

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