Help us create a library of professional books for "Protected Home ZAEDNO" project
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Help us create a library of professional books for "Protected Home ZAEDNO" project

Project "Protected Home ZAEDNO" aims to help young people who grew up without family and anybody to support them in a difficult situations. When they come of age, at 18, they should leave the institutions for children without a clear idea of where to live and work or how to take care of themselves. Few of them manage to cope. There are many cases of young people who end up as criminals or girls who are forced into prostitution.

Project "Protected Home ZAEDNO" aims to become a center which helps these young people, giving them a temporary home, enabling them to learn and grow professionally, mentoring them and providing them with psychological support. In the end they are able to take care of themselves and their children.

Young people are entitled to stay a maximum of one year, during this period they have normal living conditions. (The current capacity of the building is for 10 people at a time, each of whom has a private room). They can attend vocational courses. Everyone is provided with assistance to find its place in society and to discover and improve their strengths and skills. They also get interviews with potential employers.

The building is completed in november 2008 and is functioning from then on. It is situated in the outskirts of Sofia, 18km from downtown. The building has a playground for kids, computer room, training rooms, where people can attend courses.

This cause aims to create a library of professional books for the project, which will help these young people to discover and improve their potential and skills. The library will have books on cooking, gardening, agronomy, economics, business management, computer skills, foreign languages and so on…

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