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Help donate beans to Father Ivan's orphanage in Novi Han

The story of St. Nikolai orphanage begin in 1988 when its founder father Ivan went to the village of Novi Han. He wanted to build a home for people who don't have their own. Usually these are children.

Until today the home exists entirely with the help and support of volunteers and donations from companies and good willed people. Over the years around 250 people have found shelter, food and clothes in the orphanage. Many of these people are grown ups now and have families and work.

Currently father Ivan is taking care of about 130 people, most of which are children. All of them are going to kindergarden and school. Father Ivan and all the other people who help in his cause are doing great efforts so these kids can have normal and happy childhood like everyone else.

The reality is that in order to continue to help people, this cause needs a constant contribution from people and companies. All these people have everyday needs for food and clothes, as well as all the stuff for school. Father Ivan is also planning to expand the house so it can accommodate more people in need.

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