Support Underprivileged Kids - Summer Art Camp 2014
Kids Art Camp
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Support Underprivileged Kids - Summer Art Camp 2014

For a 2nd year in a roll Telerik will support the annual kids’ art camp, called “Festival of Joy” - one of the most meaningful initiatives, which can make the lives of children in orphanages a little brighter.
From June 5th until 13th, the art camp aims to gather more than 150 kids between the ages of 4 and 10. The camp, organized by Public Fund “Childhood”, is a much anticipated event for most kids, living in institutions. During the 9 days at the camp, the children - who during the year do not have many opportunities to smile - will laugh and play with peers, express and share their creativity, learn about the world that surrounds them, and most importantly, get out of their grim surroundings to join a true “Festival of Joy”.
So, get your comfortable shoes on, join the Telerik team and let’s all walk-a-ton from May 14 until June 1. If we walk a total of 30,000 km (or gather 3,0 million points) by the end of Children’s Day, Telerik has promised to donate BGN 5,000 to the cause.

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