Support Underprivileged Kids Summer Art Camp
Kids Art Camp
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Support Underprivileged Kids Summer Art Camp

One of the most meaningful initiatives, which can make the lives of children in orphanages a little brighter, is the annual kids’ art camp, called “Festival of Joy”.

From June 3rd until 11th, for a 17th year in a roll, the art camp aims to gather 150 kids between the ages of 4 and 10. The camp, organized by Public Fund “Childhood”, is a much anticipated event for most kids, living in institutions. During the 8 days at the camp, the children - who during the year do not have many opportunities to smile - will laugh and play with peers, express and share their creativity, learn about the world that surrounds them, and most importantly, get out of their grim surroundings to join a true “Festival of Joy”.

So, get your comfortable shoes on, join Telerik’s team and let’s all walk-a-ton (and a half) from May 14 until June 1. If we walk a total of 25,000 km (or gather 2,5 million points) by Children’s Day, Telerik has promised to donate BGN 7,000 to the cause. If we reach our target prior to the deadline, there will be a special surprise by Telerik.

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