New hope for the shelter in Bogrov
150 vaccines
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    10000 km

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    1672 kg

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New hope for the shelter in Bogrov

"Bogrov" is the largest shelter for homeless dogs in Bulgaria, and is managed by a small NGO - Animal Rescue Sofia. The shelter is the only and last chance for 500 dogs from the streets - discarded, injured, unwanted animals of the town receive shelter, food, medical care and a good attitude. Funded only by donations.

Shelter is the only one in town who takes tiny puppies discarded from yards that would otherwise sarin town every spring and autumn. The season of babies abandoned in a box somewhere away from their yard castrated mother is coming and Bogrov will again be filled with unwanted babies of various types and sizes. All these little guys need to be vaccinated in order to survive in the shelter and to settle down with loving families.

Walk2Help again allows you to help these puppies from Bogrov shelter. If we walk 10 000 km together for one month, VIVACOM will donate 150 multivalent vaccines for the puppies which will have a chance to be adopted into caring families.

Let's help them together!

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