Help a friend in need
300 kg of dog food
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Help a friend in need

They live on the streets. Their companions are Fear and Hunger, and their greatest problem is called Human Irresponsibility. They are stray dogs and their only dream is to have a compassionate human for a friend. The reality though, is very often full of cruelty and pain. Homeless dogs are usually hated, beaten and abandoned without future by humans.

The Bogrov shelter is the largest animal shelter in Bulgaria. Over 3200 dogs are castrated and another 1400 are adopted just for the last 2 years. Every day, the shelter’s pets need 300 kilograms of dry dog food. Now you have the chance to treat them generously!

The Bogrov Shelter is run by Animal Rescue Sofia – an organization formed entirely of volunteers who dedicated their time and life to solving the huge problem with homeless animals.

The shelter is financed entirely by donations from good people like you. There is no support from the government or any other European institution. Its existence is possible only because of the good will of all the people who want to solve this problem.

Except for donations and pet adopters, Animal Rescue Sofia have a huge need for volunteers. Everyone can come in the weekend to walk the dogs from the shelter. These are the loveliest days for the pets because they can gain all the attention, love and joy which they lacked during their life on the street! This is also a great chance for the dogs to socialize and increase their chance of finding a new home.

More information on how to become a volunteer or how to adopt a friend from the shelter can be found on the Animal Rescue Sofia’s website:

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