What is Walk2Help?

Walk2Help is a project of David Holding Co., developed as a social application for smartphones.

Walk2Help measures the distance you’ve walked and converts it into virtual points. You can use these points to help a charity cause complete its target. Once the required points are collected the sponsor will fulfill the promised donation.

For example, a cause for donation of 100 textbooks to a school is to walk 800 kilometers. Once all users together walk this distance, the cause sponsor pays the amount required to purchase textbooks.

Besides helping to charities, you learn about your contribution to the environment. Walk2Help estimates the saved amount of carbon dioxide that would be separated into the atmosphere while driving instead of walking.

The result is an ideal win-win situation ‒ while walking for health, you protect the nature and people in need, companies on the other hand receive effective and powerful advertising on the Internet. Thanks to Walk2Help, walking now matters.